Outside the Box: Promoting Gender Equality & Tackling Sexual Harassment in Schools

Outside the Box: Promoting Gender Equality & Tackling Sexual Harassment in Schools

Outside the Box is a resource for those working with young people from Early Years through to Key Stage 5, supporting them to promote gender equality throughout their settings and tackle sexism and sexual harassment.

The resource provides advice and techniques for educators, as well as practical lesson plans and activities.

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Need to Know & Where are you Now?

This section introduces the legal framework which relates to promoting gender equality and tackling sexism and sexual harassment in education settings; the key terminology practitioners need to understand before carrying out this work; and some starting points to consider.

Implementing whole school change begins with having the correct policies and procedures in place. This section provides advice and guidance on ensuring robust and effective policies and procedures are in place.

When embedding gender equality throughout a school and taking a whole school approach to preventing sexism and sexual harassment there are some key considerations to be made with regards to the school environment. This section takes you through some key considerations for ensuring a safe and inclusive school.

Teaching and learning is at the heart of any school and taking targeted steps to promote gender equality in this area can be of great benefit to all learners. This section considers how to ensure subjects are accessible to and inclusive of young people of all genders, looks at learning opportunities outside of the classroom and the role that form time, assemblies and extra-curricular activities can play in promoting gender equality and tackling sexism and sexual harassment.

Activities & Lesson Plans