Our Work

Workshops for Young People

EqualiTeach deliver workshops with young people from on various aspects of equality. Workshops are interactive, engaging and tailored to different age groups, abilities and learning needs. We work with primary, secondary, and special schools as well as colleges and pupil referral units.  Click on the icons below for further information.

Second Thoughts!

Developing critical thinking skills for students in KS3-4

Outside the Box

Understanding gender and challenging stereotypes for students in KS2-4

Cross Words

Exploring the power of language for students in KS3-4


Developing critical thinking skills for students in KS2

All Inclusive

Tackling disability-related prejudice and bullying for students in KS2

Reject Racism

Exploring identity and challenging racism for students in KS2-4

Different Families

Celebrating different families and tackling homophobia for students in KS2

Home from Home

Understanding migration and related issues for students in KS2-4

Agents for Change

We run various Agents for Change projects, bringing together young people from different schools to explore an issue and action plan ways to tackle it in their schools as Agents for Change. Previous projects have tackled Islamophobia, bullying and sexism.

All workshops are tailored to the young people’s ability level and needs.  We can work with you to discuss the best package for your young people.  Please get in touch to find out more. 

We are pleased to be able to offer fully funded Think! and Second Thoughts! workshops in partnership with several local authorities.  

Get in touch to book for the following areas:

  • Barking and Dagenham, Brent, Camden, Greenwich, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Lambeth, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Westminster

EqualiTeach’s work was independently evaluated by Manchester Metropolitan University. The organisation also carried out an internal evaluation of its products. 

Click here to read the report.

Teacher Reviews

  • "The workshops were excellent.  They cleared up a lot of misconceptions that pupils have about immigration and refugees.  As a result, pupils will be more welcoming to new arrivals and have a better understanding of immigration and the topics that they see in the news"

    Dr Tripletts Primary School, Hillingdon
    Home from Home workshops

  • "The children were really engaged and inspired.  The workshop fitted in very well with our values-based education programme"

    Copenhagen Primary School, Islington
    All Inclusive workshops

  • "We are very appreciative of the quality of the workshops and the resources the students were supplied with. I was impressed by the conversations the students had and the environment that was created, which enabled this and gave them the opportunity to voice their opinions and successfully challenge stereotypes."

    Kingsmead Secondary School, Enfield
    Second Thoughts! workshops

  • "The content was pitched at just the right level for the children and made all of them think and re-think! The delivery was enjoyable and calm and extremely respectful of the childrens' viewpoints."

    Brentfield Primary School, Brent
    Think! workshops

Training for Educators

EqualiTeach deliver training for teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors, providing them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to promote equality and tackle discrimination in their settings.

Our sessions provide a safe space in which participants are able to raise concerns in a non- judgemental, non-confrontational, open and honest environment, knowing that their opinion will be treated with respect. Learning takes place through interactive and engaging methods, with small group activities and whole group discussions, providing the opportunity to learn from each other and from expert facilitators.

Some examples of the training sessions we can deliver are below, however we offer bespoke training sessions to meet your setting’s requirements.

This session aims to support participants to:

  • Remove barriers and combat myths which can prevent successful engagement with promoting equality and tackling discrimination
  • Explore the concept of privilege and how structural and institutional discrimination operates to exclude people
  • Understand their duties under equality law
  • To raise awareness of the reality and impact of unconscious bias
  • Outline the benefits of engaging with equality initiatives to staff and pupils
  • Explore how to embed equality throughout the setting

This session aims to support participants to:

  • Have their fears allayed about the correct use of terminology.
  • Consider the power and impact of language in the promotion of equality.
  • Explore terminology and understand the reasons why terms are acceptable or unacceptable.

This session aims to support participants to:

  • Consider the legal definition of a prejudice-related incident and have any questions or concerns about this addressed.
  • Explore the advantages of recording prejudice-related incidents in school and the barriers which might prevent people from doing so.
  • Discuss best practice short-term and long-term approaches to responding to prejudice-related incidents using case study examples.

This session aims to support participants to:

  • Explore why it is important to open up conversations about sensitive and controversial issues with young people
  • Look at the statutory duties on schools with regards to this work, including the duty to promote Fundamental British Values and the Prevent duty
  • Impart techniques to support teachers to undertake conversations with young people about sensitive and controversial issues
  • Explore how to effectively challenge prejudice and stereotypes to create positive change

This session aims to support participants to:

  •  Understand the requirement to promote Fundamental British Values and how this fits with duties under the Equality Act 2010 and the Prevent duty.
  • Consider what constitutes good practice in delivering values education and how to avoid potentially harmful approaches
  • Explore how good practice around Fundamental British Values can strengthen existing work to safeguard children and improve behaviour, safety and wellbeing
  • Look at ways in which the Fundamental British Values of democracy, individual liberty, rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different religions and beliefs can be embedded throughout the setting in a cohesive fashion

Sessions can be designed to raise awareness of specific equality issues such as:

  • Homophobia
  • Islamophobia
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Racism
  • Sexism

Sessions can involve a combination of these issues, and will look at raising awareness and tackling discrimination in your setting.


All our packages can be tailored, combined and adapted to the specific needs of your setting. We work closely with you to design the most suitable and engaging session.  Please get in touch to discuss how we can support you and your setting.

Participant Reviews

  • "These sessions have opened my mind!  The course leader was very confident and encouraged open discussion.  It was useful to look at realistic scenarios that happen in all settings.  It definitely made me think about our provision and what we can do to improve it"

    Participant, Creating Inclusive Settings and Embedding Equality

  • "The trainers moved us into different groups throughout the day, providing me with the opportunity to listen to different people and hear a wide range of opinions.  The course was excellent - it challenged my perceptions on equality and diversity and showed practical ways in which we can improve our practice"

    Participant, Creating Inclusive Settings and Embedding Equality

  • "This session was so well planned and thought-through. We were challenged and considered new approaches. I am looking forward to implementing the ideas developed during the day."

    Participant, Universal Values: Promoting Fundamental British Values in a Cohesive Fashion

Classroom Resources

EqualiTeach’s resources have been carefully designed in collaboration with leading partner organisations.  A selection of our resources are included below for educators to use in their settings to promote equality, celebrate diversity and tackle discrimination.  Hover over each document to find out more and click to download.

Partner Reviews

  • "The NASUWT is pleased to be supporting the work of EqualiTeach in providing training and awareness of the duties on schools to promote Fundamental British Values and the Prevent requirements.  The EqualiTeach resource, ‘Universal Values’ produced in partnership with the NASUWT has been an invaluable teaching aid for schools to consider these duties in an inclusive and holistic manner that advances cohesion, tolerance, understanding and respect of others"

    Jennifer Moses, National Official (Equality and Training)
    NASUWT The Teachers' Union


Equalities Award

The Equalities Award provides support and guidance for schools to effectively promote equality, diversity and inclusion and allows schools to showcase their commitment to equality.

The Award has been designed by a team of equality and education experts to allow schools to fulfil their statutory duties to:

  • Eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity, and foster good relations (Equality Act, 2010)
  • Promote community cohesion (Education and Inspections Act, 2006)
  • Prevent people being drawn into terrorism (Counter Terrorism and Security Act, 2015)
  • Safeguard children and promote spiritual moral, social and cultural development (Education Act 2002)

There are bronze, silver and gold levels to allow schools to work at an achievable level and build upon a commitment to equality over time. Schools can progress through the levels as their equalities work develops.

For full details and to register your interest, go to www.equalitiesaward.co.uk or get in touch!