Luton Agents for Change: Islamophobia


Date(s) - 16/09/2019
5:00 pm


Cover of Faith in Us educational resource
Cover of Faith in Us educational resource

EqualiTeach have secured funding from the Building a Stronger Britain Together programme to work with young people in Luton to deliver a project called ‘Agents for Change: Islamophobia’.  The project seeks to raise awareness of Islamophobic attitudes and incidents of hate crime.  We are doing this by working with young people and schools in Luton to empower young people to share their experiences and develop their own initiatives to tackle prejudice, increase reporting and improve schools’ abilities to respond effectively to Islamophobic incidents.

The project is running from September 2019 to December 2019 and builds upon a successful pilot that EqualiTeach delivered in Tower Hamlets from November 2017-May 2018. You can read the evaluation of this project here.  Some of the resources used in the Luton project were produced by the young people in Tower Hamlets. Others were produced in consultation with leading Muslim academics and equality experts working in the field of education and trialled and refined in the Tower Hamlets project.

26 young people from 5 schools came together for an initial consultation and planning day on Thursday 12th September. The day featured a carousel of group discussions, workshops and action planning. The morning featured workshops which allowed young people to explore identity, share experiences of Islamophobia and a presentation on reporting Hate Crime from Police Sergeant Carl Perri. At the end of the planning day, pupils were supported to action plan ways in which they would like to challenge Islamophobia, in their schools and local community.

100% of the young people who participated said that they were looking forward to making changes back in their schools.

“I’m looking forward to the rest of the project because…”

Feedback form from event
Feedback form

  • I don’t want my schoolmates being Islamophobic
  • I want to make a difference
  • if everyone was in harmony at school, it would be good
  • everyone is equal and everyone should be respected and I want to help
  • we can inspire others
  • we get to change things!

EqualiTeach is a not-for-profit organisation providing high quality, interactive training and support on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion. EqualiTeach is keen to work in partnership with local community organisations in the development and delivery of this programme.

Further to the community meeting that we held on Thursday 29th August, we are happy for more people to be involved in the project and to take questions and share further information.

If you are interested in being involved or finding out more please contact Sarah Soyei, Head of Strategy and Development, 01480470660