Faith in Us: Educating Young People about Islamophobia

Faith in Us: Educating Young People about Islamophobia

EqualiTeach’s Agents for Change: Islamophobia programme worked with students in Tower Hamlets to raise awareness of Islamophobia and action plan ways to prevent it, and support targets of it in schools. Students worked with our team to create awareness raising films, contributed to an educational resource, and changed systems within their schools to educate others and ensure schools have effective reporting mechanisms and support systems for targets of Islamophobia.

Click here for an overview of the project, including our key findings.


Faith in Us is a resource for both primary and secondary teachers for use in the classroom to work with young people and educate about Islamophobia. 

Click on the image to the left to download the full resource, and use the buttons below to find accompanying PowerPoints, worksheets and plans of work to support the delivery of the activities within the resource. 

 See below the two films our Agents for Change students have created to raise awareness of Islamophobia.

Background Information and Starting Points

This section provides background information outlining the reality and impact of Islamophobia on both young people and wider society; schools legislative duties; and starting points to help educators to ensure that they are creating the right environment for the work to take place.

Frequently Raised Topics

When teaching young people about Islamophobia there are some recurrent myths, stereotypes and misunderstandings that will be raised. The aims of this chapter are to equip educators with structured questions, discussion points and facts, which will support some of these discussions.

Lesson Plans and Activities

This section of the resource contains 16 activities ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length. At the top of each activity the aims, age suitability, length and required resources are highlighted. Some activities contain differentiation within them, to allow them to be tailored for different ages and abilities.

Recognising and Responding to Islamophobic Incidents

Even in the best schools, Islamophobic incidents may still occur. This section provides guidance on how to recognise and respond effectively to incidents to ensure that the targets are supported and reduce reoccurrence. 

Sample prejudice-related incident reporting form and guidance (Coming Soon)