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About EqualiTeach

Anti Bullying Alliance member

EqualiTeach is a not-for-profit organisation providing high quality, interactive training and support on issues of equality, diversity and inclusion for education settings.  Our vision is an equal, inclusive and productive society where everyone is valued and able to achieve their full potential.

We understand that every organisation is different. To ensure that our services are fully tailored to your needs, we consult with staff, listen to concerns and work collaboratively to develop bespoke solutions.

In 2017-18…

we worked with

schools in 17 local authorities

we ran 514 workshops with

young people

we ran 41 training sessions with


Outside the Box

We’ve produced a brand new educational resource, supporting schools to take a whole school approach to promoting gender equality and tackling sexism and sexual harassment. 

The resource includes background information, policy guidance and a range of lesson plans and activities for young people in early years through to key stage 5. 

Click on the image to the left to find out more, and to download the resource free of charge!

Our Work

Primary school student smiling with hand raised

Workshops for Young People

Interactive workshops for young people in KS2-4 exploring issues such as racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, sexism, disability and migration.

Training for Educators

Training for teachers, trainees, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors, to help promote equality and tackle discrimination in their settings.

Classroom Resources

Free to download educational resources for teachers to use in their settings to promote equality, celebrate diversity, and tackle discrimination. Early Years to KS4.

Equalities Award

An online tool allowing schools to audit their environment and practice, access support from EqualiTeach for long-term change, and gain recognition for their commitment to equality.

Meet the Team

Image of Kate Hollinshead

Kate Hollinshead

Head of Operations

Image of Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Senior Education, Training & Strategy Officer

Image of Michael Chidgey

Michael Chidgey

Youth Education Officer (Strategy and Development)

Image of Sarah Soyei

Sarah Soyei

Head of Strategy and Development

Image of Gabriella Craft

Gabriella Craft

Business Development & Training Officer

Laura Schrier

Youth Education Officer

Claire Currington

Operations Manager

Photograph of Sheza

Sheza Afzal

Education, Training and Strategy Officer

Olga Nasiridou

Youth Education Officer

Image of Rachel Elgy

Rachel Elgy

Programme Manager (Education)

Image of Georgina Manning

Georgina Manning

Programme Support Officer

Sebastian Amyes

Advisory Board Member

Image of David Landon Cole

David Landon Cole

Advisory Board Member

Lila Begum

Advisory Board Member

Paul Mortimer

Advisory Board Member

Lucy Goodyear

Advisory Board Member

Image of David Tweats

David Tweats

Advisory Board Member

Joella Hazel

Advisory Board Member

Recent Blog Posts

Free to Be: The importance of LGBT+ inclusive primary schools

Free to Be: The importance of LGBT+ inclusive primary schools

he past decade has seen many huge advances in the fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) equality in the UK...However, the path to equality doesn’t run smooth, and recent events have shown that there is no place for complacency, that victories won are not necessarily assured forever and there is still a long way to go.
All Our Stories: Building Empathy in the Face of Brexit

All Our Stories: Building Empathy in the Face of Brexit

One thing that can often be forgotten in debates about policies, schemes and withdrawal agreements is that when discussing immigration, we are really talking about peoples’ lives.
A Meaningful International Women’s Day? More than Marketing

A Meaningful International Women’s Day? More than Marketing

The way this day is celebrated easily lends itself to what has been labelled ‘Pop Feminism’, which centres on slogans, accessories and empowering soundbites rather than active, meaningful change. It has led to the easy commercialisation of the day, with pink cupcakes and discount spa days being flogged as gifts to show your appreciation of the women in your life.
Just A Valentine’s Card? Challenging Heteronormativity and Cisnormativity in Schools

Just A Valentine’s Card? Challenging Heteronormativity and Cisnormativity in Schools

By Laura Schrier: Every February a wave of pink and red washes over UK commercial districts as shops prepare for Valentine’s day, marketing the perfect gifts for “him” and “her”. But more than just an extra excuse to eat chocolate and participate in...

Education for All? The Impact of Discriminatory School Exclusions

By Laura Schrier Human Rights for AllToday marks the 70th anniversary of International Human Rights Day, observed globally every year to mark the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This day offers us an opportunity to not only...
Choose Respect – Reporting and Sorting Bullying in Schools

Choose Respect – Reporting and Sorting Bullying in Schools

By Frankie Stephens - This Anti-Bullying Week, EqualiTeach is pleased to be facilitating critical thinking workshops with 26 year five and six classes across London and the South East of England. It’s fantastic that schools are taking steps to tackle discrimination, intolerance and...
Black History: Month?

Black History: Month?

By Sheza Afzal: The principle aim of teaching history at school in Key stages 1-3 is “to introduce students to major events that shaped British history” and to “know and understand the history of these islands as a coherent, chronological narrative, from the...
Misguided: The Importance of Supporting Transgender Young People

Misguided: The Importance of Supporting Transgender Young People

Trans issues have never been more at the forefront of public discussion than over the past month. The government’s consultation into the Gender Recognition Act has just closed and, as the deadline got closer, anti-trans activists stepped up their campaign to dispute the very...
Why Educators Need to Know About Dyslexia

Why Educators Need to Know About Dyslexia

I was a couple of months off sitting my A levels when I was diagnosed with dyslexia.  Despite some obvious indicators throughout my schooling and a conversation with a teacher, who admitted the possibility of my having dyslexia had crossed her mind a few...
Religion in the Classroom: How to respond when a lesson takes an unexpected turn

Religion in the Classroom: How to respond when a lesson takes an unexpected turn

By Jen Johnson:    As teachers, many of us have been there - delivering a wonderful lesson in which the learning objectives are beautifully fulfilled, the differentiation has worked like a dream…but then completely out of nowhere a student throws in a question...
Changing the story… Supporting Refugee Children in the Classroom

Changing the story… Supporting Refugee Children in the Classroom

By Frankie Stephens and Sarah Soyei: This Refugee Week, we find the world in the midst of one of the worst ever forced displacement crises. For the first time in history the number of people who have had to flee their homes has...
The Windrush Scandal: What Next?

The Windrush Scandal: What Next?

By Tammy Naidoo: They came as British citizens at the invitation of the British government, but now, in 2018, those from the Windrush generation have been left frightened and uncertain of their future in the only country that many have ever thought of...

Partner Testimonials

  • "EqualiTeach have worked with Teach First for the last three years.  They have consistently produced high quality training materials and face to face training for a range of internal role groups and directly with our participants (trainee teachers).  They are real experts in all things related to equality, diversity and inclusion and we have valued their specialist knowledge and experience in this field"

    Alice Dunn, Teach First

  • "EqualiTeach has been working with Wycombe District Council for the past three years on a critical thinking programme for secondary schools. It proved extremely popular and schools look forward its return each academic year.  Wycombe District Council have had THINK and Second Thoughts independently evaluated and, not only have the programmes have been found to deliver an excellent product, they were considered best practice."

    Daniel Sullivan, Wycombe District Council

  • "The National Union of Teachers has worked very successfully with Equaliteach for a number of years.  Equaliteach have run successful CPD programmes focussing on creating more equal and tolerant classrooms and supporting teachers to be more confident in addressing the difficult questions children can ask.  Equaliteach have also worked with us in developing resources for union representatives focussing on equality and diversity issues in the workplace.  We look forward to continuing this relationship."

    Jon Hegerty, NUT

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