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Educating young people about the damage of prejudice and inequality plays an essential role in their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, helps to reduce incidences of bullying and harassment and foster good relations. It is important that all pupils are afforded the opportunity to discuss issues of inequality in a safe environment, have their concerns addressed and any misinformation that they may be carrying dispelled.

EqualiTeach is highly experienced in working with pupils aged 7 and upwards, in a variety of educational settings including primary and secondary schools, special schools, pupil referral units, young offender institutions, colleges and sixth form centres. We offer a wide variety of workshops, which are individually tailored to the needs of each setting.

Our workshops are fully interactive. We tailor workshops to the needs of the students and cater for many different knowledge, literacy and ability levels.

Where appropriate, we ask students to fill out pre-workshop questionnaires or to anonymously tell us their questions and concerns about the topic before the workshop, which then inform the pace, pitch and content of the workshops and ensure we are addressing the questions and concerns of most importance to those students. Once the workshop has taken place, we ask students to complete a post-workshop questionnaire. The questionnaires can then be compared and a report compiled to identify the extent of the shift in attitudes and behaviours. This can help towards the schools' duty to promote equality of opportunity and foster good relations under the Equality Act's Public Sector Equality Duty as well as ensuring compliance with OFSTED's requirements.


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All Inclusive: Tackling Disability-Related Bullying in the Classroom-

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Celebrating Different Families: Supporting Pupils to Appreciate Different Families and Tackle Homophobia in School

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Think! and Rethink!: Creating Critical Thinkers (Primary school)

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Second Thoughts!: Creating Critical Thinkers (Secondary school)

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Young People
Young People
Home from Home: Understanding Immigration

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Faith in us: Understanding and Challenging Islamophobia

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Outside the Box: Challenging Gender Stereotypes

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Crosswords: Exploring the Power of Language and Appropriate Terminology

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Reject Racism

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