Our Services

 ≡ Our range of services include the following :

  • Training EqualiTeach delivers training to teachers, trainee teachers, support staff, senior leadership teams and governors, helping them to promote equality and tackle discrimination in their setting.
  • Policy Development We work with education settings to conduct equality audits, analyse current practice and create policies and procedures which are useful, practical, compliant with equality legislation and applicable to each setting’s needs.
  • Workshops with Young People We deliver workshops with young people aged 7 upwards exploring topics such as racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, sexism, disability discrimination, critical thinking, human rights and immigration.
  • Resource Development EqualiTeach is highly experienced in producing educational resources for use in the classroom. We work with education settings, local authorities, and trade unions to develop tailored training materials and educational resources.
  • Consultation We are available as an independent body to offer advice on a range of queries relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.
Our Services