Annual Review 2014-2015


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Highlights of the past year:

Creating Inclusive Settings events. The Big Lottery and Voice the Union funded us to deliver four events across the country to support those working with young children to promote cultural and religious inclusion (page 4)

Publication of Equally Safe. Our resource which supports schools to recognise and respond effectively to prejudice-related incidents has now been distributed to every school in Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire (page 7)

TeachFirst. We have now written five modules, which will support TeachFirst students to be able to effectively promote equality and tackle discrimination in the classroom (page 22)

THINK! and Second Thoughts. Our original programme, which started in Wycombe secondary schools has now been expanded to include a primary programme and is being rolled out across the country (page 29)


We hope that you will join us on this journey. There are lots of exciting developments ahead. Our priorities for 2015-2016 are outlined on Page 36, together with details of our services and how to get involved.

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