EqualiTeach Early Years

Early Years and Equality: An extra burden?

Whether childminders or nursery nurses, playleaders or out-of-school providers, teachers or volunteers, people working with young children are passionate about creating settings which allow children to flourish and develop in a nurturing and caring environment. However, caring for young children is as exhausting as it is exhilarating! The pressures of successfully navigating each day can Read More

Theresa May

Open Letter to Theresa May: Why you must stand up to Trump, in your own words.

Dear Theresa May, These are uncertain times: at the same time that the UK is in the midst of Brexit negotiations we are faced with the tumultuous transition between American Presidents. As Prime Minister, it is of course of political necessity to tread carefully, and to try to protect the security of the UK by Read More

Veiled attack on Muslim women

A Veiled Attack on Muslim Women

By Sarah Soyei: sarah@equaliteach.co.uk On 26th January Sir Michael Wilshaw announced that school inspectors will be allowed to rate schools as “inadequate” if pupils or staff are wearing veils and this “is clearly hindering communication and effective teaching.” Marking a whole school inadequate due to the perceived abilities of one pupil or one teacher seems Read More

Balancing Rights

Top Trumps? Balancing Rights around Sexual Orientation and Religion

Some of the most common questions that are expressed when we are delivering training about the Equality Act 2010 are worries about how to balance rights around religion and sexual orientation. A typical question is: “when rights collide, which one trumps the other?”. We ask delegates what their thoughts are on the matter and the Read More

Media Misrepresentation

The Misrepresentation of Muslims in the Media

  Adapted from a speech given to Home Group Housing Association, Leeds, 1st October 2014 Undoubtedly, the biggest news story of the moment is the rise of ISIS, or Islamic State. Islamic state is a horrifically violent and extreme jihadi group, even more violent and sectarian than Al Qaeda, and now controls large areas of Read More


Islamophobia and the Readiness to Believe in Mythical Trojan Horses

  It all started with a letter… the anonymous, undated letter entitled ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ first came to light in 2013, but didn’t hit the headlines until published in the Sunday Times in March this year. It was allegedly from an Islamic group in Birmingham spearheading an plot to create organised disruption, get rid of Read More


Time to Act on Islamophobia

Today has seen the publication of a survey of 1000 young people conducted by Radio 1’s Newsbeat, which found that a quarter of the young people questioned didn’t trust Muslims. 28% said Britain would be better off with fewer Muslims, and 44% said Muslims did not share the same values as the rest of the Read More