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Setting the Record Straight for EAL Pupils

By Kate Hollinshead kate@equaliteach.co.uk In the last couple of weeks, there have been a number of damning articles written about children who have English as an Additional Language: ‘Pressure on classrooms mounts as we reveal school where 42 different languages are spoken. At Claremont Primary, 58 per cent of kids don’t have English as their Read More

Cross Words

Cross Words – The Power of Language

Terminology around issues of equality and diversity is a sticking point for many people. People face a great many barriers in understanding the power of language and the reasons why getting it right is so important, which frequently inhibit their ability or willingness to keep up-to-date with appropriate and inappropriate terminology. Ofsted’s Inspecting Equalities Briefing Read More

PC Brigade

“Oh No! Not the PC Brigade!”

Ever since I was a small child, I was passionate about fighting racism and injustice. Amongst other things, this led to tears of frustration as an 8 year-old when a relative found it funny to be deliberately racist; a bloody nose, when in the first year of secondary school I challenged a 16 year-old who Read More