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Responding to Young People’s Questions and Fears

“There’s just so much news at the moment, my head is going to explode!” – a recent comment from a year 6 girl I was working with, and she’s not alone. Whether it’s the Grenfell fire, Brexit, Donald Trump, Syria or the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, national and international events are impacting Read More

Theresa May

Open Letter to Theresa May: Why you must stand up to Trump, in your own words.

Dear Theresa May, These are uncertain times: at the same time that the UK is in the midst of Brexit negotiations we are faced with the tumultuous transition between American Presidents. As Prime Minister, it is of course of political necessity to tread carefully, and to try to protect the security of the UK by Read More

People at JFK airport protesting the Msulim Ban

First they came for the Muslims… Donald Trump’s Abhorrent Muslim Ban.

By Sarah Soyei: The 27th of January is International Holocaust Memorial Day; a day which provides a reminder for people from across the world to stop and remember the millions of people who lost their lives in the Holocaust and subsequent genocides across the world. One of the key messages is “Never Again”. We Read More

women hear us roar

“We Are Women: Hear Us Roar!”

By Sarah Soyei:   On Saturday 21st January, my daughters and I participated in the Women’s March in London. We joined 100,000 others to march for the rights of all women across the world, to celebrate the diversity that exists amongst women, and stand with women who have been discriminated against or attacked because Read More

Calais Mural

Choose Love: My Volunteer Experience In Calais

By Rachel Elgy: Over the Christmas break, I spent four days volunteering in Calais with the grassroots charity Help Refugees. Naturally, in the days since, people have been asking me, ‘How was Calais?’ It’s not an easy question to answer, particularly because I’m not sure that my answer is exactly the answer people might Read More

Post Referendum Britain

Supporting Young People in Post-Referendum Britain

By Sarah Soyei: “Immigrants are the reason we voted to leave the EU” 10 year old pupil in an EqualiTeach workshop. On the morning of Friday 24th June, it became clear that Britain had experienced an historic vote that could potentially change the face of the UK forever. In a tight referendum 52% of Read More


Never again? Our concern for refugees should not be consigned to the past

By Sarah Soyei: On the 1st July 2015 Sir Nicholas Winton died, he was 106. Sir Nicholas was famous for his actions during the Second World War, where he saved 669 Czechoslovakian children from the Holocaust. He arranged the transportation of the children, who would have faced almost certain death if they had stayed, Read More

Fundamental British Values

What are Fundamental British Values Anyway?

The introduction of the new duty placed on schools to promote ‘Fundamental British Values’ alongside the duty to prevent extremism, has created a stir of controversy, criticism and confusion amongst the teaching profession. The first reference to ‘Fundamental British Values’ in government policy was in the 2011 Prevent Strategy. The Home Office stated that it Read More


Check your Privilege!

  The phrase ‘check your privilege’ can sometimes cause a great deal of anger and has led commentators such as Louise Mensch and Dan Hodges to scornfully decry it as nonsense. However, the phrase was never designed to be an insult or a weapon. It is a reminder that our experiences may not be the Read More

Transgender Inclusion

EqualiTeach announces the launch of a research project into transgender inclusion in the workplace

It is without doubt that we all grow up in a society which, either consciously through our birth certificate or passport documentation, or subconsciously through the marketing of gender-specific toys and clothes, coerces us into identifying strictly as a female or as a male. Anyone who does not identify in this way, but instead sees Read More