Be Bold For Change

On Wednesday 8th March it was International Women’s Day; a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and to call for action in accelerating gender parity. This is part of a series of events marking March as International Women’s month. To celebrate women’s achievements and to highlight some of the Read More

women hear us roar

“We Are Women: Hear Us Roar!”

By Sarah Soyei: sarah@equaliteach.co.uk   On Saturday 21st January, my daughters and I participated in the Women’s March in London. We joined 100,000 others to march for the rights of all women across the world, to celebrate the diversity that exists amongst women, and stand with women who have been discriminated against or attacked because Read More

Transgender Kids - who knows best

Transgender Kids: Who knows best? Not the BBC, it seems…

By Kate Hollinshead: kate@equaliteach.co.uk On Thursday 12th January, the BBC aired what they called a ‘balanced documentary’ entitled ‘Transgender Kids: Who knows best?’ According to the BBC website, the programme’s aim was to scrutinise the new ‘gender affirmative approach’ to children, which means fully supporting children’s change of identity. The film also presented Dr Kenneth Read More

Semenya gold medal

Breaking the Binary: Caster Semenya and a Very Public Scrutiny

By Kate Hollinshead: kate@equaliteach.co.uk Type the name Caster Semenya into Google and the first suggested search that comes up is ‘Caster Semenya man.’ Click on the trending topic ‘Caster Semenya’ on Twitter or Facebook and the comments that appear are: ‘Caster Semenya sparks controversy again as she wins the 800m’ ‘It’s unfair that Semenya is Read More

LGBT+ Equality

Opening Doors: LGBT+ Equality – A Perspective

By Theresa Salzer: theresa@equaliteach.co.uk “We say that being gay is just like being left-handed – a bit unusual, a bit inconvenient at times, but in general not a major problem” – a parents voice published in ‘Issues Today – Sexual Orientation’ by Independence Educational Publishers (2011). A statement like the above is perhaps meant to Read More

Gender Equality

Outside the Box: Considering Gender Equality on International Women’s Day

By Rachel Elgy: rachel@equaiteach.co.uk International Women’s Day is here again, celebrating the achievements of women throughout history. The day aims to inspire women and girls worldwide, encourage men to appreciate the women in their lives, and ultimately, to promote and strive for gender equality. While it is met with an outpour of female solidarity, there Read More

Veiled attack on Muslim women

A Veiled Attack on Muslim Women

By Sarah Soyei: sarah@equaliteach.co.uk On 26th January Sir Michael Wilshaw announced that school inspectors will be allowed to rate schools as “inadequate” if pupils or staff are wearing veils and this “is clearly hindering communication and effective teaching.” Marking a whole school inadequate due to the perceived abilities of one pupil or one teacher seems Read More

Balancing Rights

Top Trumps? Balancing Rights around Sexual Orientation and Religion

Some of the most common questions that are expressed when we are delivering training about the Equality Act 2010 are worries about how to balance rights around religion and sexual orientation. A typical question is: “when rights collide, which one trumps the other?”. We ask delegates what their thoughts are on the matter and the Read More


Boys are Strong and Girls are Pretty: Challenging Sexism at School

Recent weeks have seen the publication of several reports which should make us all sit up and listen. Firstly, Girlguiding UK issued a report “Equality for Girls” which found that 75% of young women aged 11-21 believed that sexism affected their confidence and future aspirations. 87% of girls aged 11-21 felt that women are judged Read More