Theresa May

Open Letter to Theresa May: Why you must stand up to Trump, in your own words.

Dear Theresa May, These are uncertain times: at the same time that the UK is in the midst of Brexit negotiations we are faced with the tumultuous transition between American Presidents. As Prime Minister, it is of course of political necessity to tread carefully, and to try to protect the security of the UK by Read More

work experience

Valuing Teachers: Teaching Universal Values

World Teachers’ Day is commemorated around the world celebrating the work of teachers and their contributions to education and society. This year,the NASUWT and EqualiTeach launched our major resource pack for schools: ‘Universal Values’.

Post Referendum Britain

Supporting Young People in Post-Referendum Britain

By Sarah Soyei: “Immigrants are the reason we voted to leave the EU” 10 year old pupil in an EqualiTeach workshop. On the morning of Friday 24th June, it became clear that Britain had experienced an historic vote that could potentially change the face of the UK forever. In a tight referendum 52% of Read More

Fundamental British Values

What are Fundamental British Values Anyway?

The introduction of the new duty placed on schools to promote ‘Fundamental British Values’ alongside the duty to prevent extremism, has created a stir of controversy, criticism and confusion amongst the teaching profession. The first reference to ‘Fundamental British Values’ in government policy was in the 2011 Prevent Strategy. The Home Office stated that it Read More


Islamophobia and the Readiness to Believe in Mythical Trojan Horses

  It all started with a letter… the anonymous, undated letter entitled ‘Operation Trojan Horse’ first came to light in 2013, but didn’t hit the headlines until published in the Sunday Times in March this year. It was allegedly from an Islamic group in Birmingham spearheading an plot to create organised disruption, get rid of Read More